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The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Training Center (Academy) in the Cameroonian city of Kumba. Its goal is to support the youths of the city and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and be good future leaders.. Read more...


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At the moment, we accept only children in the following categories (Under 12, Under 15, Under 17, amputees). We also accept girls under the age of 16. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys Read more...


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We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. Read more....

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[26/11/2020] - Suspension of participation in the Amputee Football League

After the interruption of the first "National Amputee Football League” competition while the Nkamanyi Amputee team was already on the pitch in Yaoundé, about to take on Terminators AFC of Yaoundé, we have had to do an internal reflection and evaluation about our further participation. While it is unclear to us how the competition is scheduled and covered, we realize there are a couple of things that need to be put in place before we continue the games.

It is important for the public and all stakeholders to understand what we stand for and what not. Our aim is not to win games. Our aim is not to be the best team. Our aim is not to attend great competitions. We are not in a rush. Our aim is to empower kids through football. We want to use football as a means of empowering the amputees to be able to lead a normal life. We have already talked to the players and know how they intend to see their lives. What we are doing now is evaluating and developing plans to see this happen. We want to concentrate our efforts on that.

We shall continue the competition when conditions are OK. Read more

[12/11/2020] - Ashu Tong, Morimi Michael and Ndoke take over as new Sky Boys Management

As from November 11, 2020 Ndoke Joseph will serve as new Sky Boys Manager (interim) in addition to his position as assistant Technical director and head of the youth department.

Ashu Tong and Morimi Michael, respectively trainer and assistant trainer of the U17 team will be the new trainer and assistant of the Sky Boys.

This move follows the immediate replacement, just after less than 2 months, of John Chia as manager of the Sky Boys Team.

We wish the trio all the best in ensuring a smooth start and great season for the Sky Boys.

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[11/11/2020] - NFI replaces coach John Chia after after just over a month

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative, today 11th. of November ended its cooperation with John Chia as team manager of the NFI A Team ( The Sky Boys). This announcement was made known to him in person in the Board meeting held with the A team staff in the NFI office. He shall be replaced by former head coach Joseph Ndoke as interim manager.

Veteran footballer and U17 trainer Ashu Tong shall take over as new Sky Boys head coach, while his assistant Morimi Michael will accompany him as assistant too.

The cooperation with John Chia was stopped after we recognised a serious unwillingness to understand the NFI philosophy and the introduction of unrest within the Sky Boys team.

We wish John all the best in his further endeavours.

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[02/11/2020] - NFI starts season in new office

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative has moved to its new office in Fiango. We are located directly opposite St. Francis College Fiango Kumba. The new look of our office was made possible through the international collaboration with our German partner, African Impulse e,V. which donated multiple desktop computers and monitors.

Our offices are open for registration in the next 2 weeks from Tuesday to Thursday. Registration is ongoing for new entrants who want to enjoy playing football under the guidance of our dedicated staff and to learn other life changing skills. Places are limited for new entrants.

We can now continue to do what we know how to do best - Empowering Kids Through Football, We continue to thank our friends who support us in this journey.

[01/11/2020] - Youth department of the NFI Academy has started its activities

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative would like to inform the general public that activities for the 2020/2021 season in its youth academy has started in the city of Kumba. Registration is ongoing for all youths in and around the beautiful city of Kumba. First training sessions were held yesterday, October 31st.

With our state of the art new office located opposite St. Francis College Fiango Kumba, licensed coaches, great football pitches provided by the Fiango Diocese, computer labs and competent and dedicated staff, we are ready to continue in our journey of Empowering Kids Through Football and moulding them into good future leaders.

Empowerment through computer and vocational training stand at the forefront of our activities this year. Read more...

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