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The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Training Center (Academy) in the Cameroonian city of Kumba. Its goal is to support the youths of the city and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and be good future leaders.. Read more...


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At the moment, we accept only children in the following categories (Under 12, Under 15, Under 17, amputees). We also accept girls under the age of 16. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys Read more...


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We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. Read more....

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[02/03/2021] - Tetuh Larris is back

He was shot during the Kumba Massacre. He is back on the pitch. He wants to continue to do what he likes play football.

Tetuh Larris is an IDP from Small Ekombe. In the heat of the ongoing crisis in 2017, he ran away with his family and settled in Kumba. The family found a home in Fiango Kumba. He was enrolled into the Mother Francisca Bilingual Secondary school at Bamilike Street. With his passion for football, his mother enrolled him into the U12 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) in 2018.

He was enjoying the sports at the NFI and attending school until the 24th of October 2020 when unidentified gunmen stormed their school and massacred children.As he (Larris) struggled to escape, he was shot on the buttocks. Crying for help in the pool of his own blood, he was rushed to the Presbyterian General Hospital Manyemen Annex in Buea road for immediate treatment where Doctors Without Borders took very good care of him. Read more ..

[28/02/2021] - NFI eliminates Legend FC by 2-0 in Round 1 of Cameroon Cup.

The 2 goals were scored in the first half by new recruit Nkah Bertrand who moved to the NFI from Best Star Football Academy Limbe. Updates loading...

[26/02/2021] - NFI Sky Boys are first recipients of MSV Duisburg donated shoes

The NFI Sky Boyses, today Friday 26.02.2021, were the first recipients of football shoes donated by our German support partner, the MSV Duisburg. The shoes were distributed by the club president, Mr. Terence Nkamanyi at the NFI Kumba office in the presence of coach and youth department head, Joseph Ndoke.

The football shoes and balls donations were made possible through the excellent relationship created for the club by NFI founder and supervisory Board president, Clement Nkamanyi who resides in Duisburg Germany. "This is not the first and shall not be the last.."


[19/02/2021] - NFI Sky Girls defeat Biyos Kake in first friendly of 2021

The NFI Sky girls, on Friday February 19 2021, defeated the Biyos Kake girls by 4-0 in a very interesting first encounter of the year.

The coach used the opportunity to communicate the fact that the initiator had listened to their empowerment wish and already started the empowerment salon project. The Biyos girls were also given the same privilege. The girls expressed satisfaction for the gesture and promised to do their best to commit

The return game is scheduled for next week.

[16/02/2021] - NFI donates Laptop to the Kumba Diocese to say Thank You

N Support is not a one-way street issue. By saying "Thank You", one supports the other.

We have been so happy with our relationship with the Diocese of Kumba as they always stood by us since our humble beginnings of our journey to empower kids through football. The use of their infrastructure and their extraordinary moral support, our actions in taking kids off the streets and providing them a possible perspective for the future have been something we all have come to appreciate and hold close to our hearts.

On this 16 day of February 2021, the president of the NFI, Mr. Nkamanyi Terence handed over a top-feature laptop to the Diocese through its chancellor. The chancellor was extremely happy about the gesture and said it comes timely and he will "immediately get to using it tomorrow".

As we said, this year is going to be our best.

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Cameroon Cup Round 1NFI Sky Boys - Legends FC28.02.2021 11:00GPS Field Kumba2 - 0
Female Friendly GameNFI Sky Girls - Biyos FC Kake19.02.2021 17:00St Francis Field4 - 0
Division 2 Regional LeagueFuture Dream - Nkamanyi Football Initiative20.12.2020 15:30GPS Field Kumba0 - 1
U18 Limbe International TournamentNjalla Quan S A - Nkamanyi Football Initiative16.12.2020 13:00Limbe Annex Stadium2 - 0
U18 Limbe International TournamentNFI - Babungo FC15.12.2020 14:00Limbe2 - 1